Commercial Air Conditioning In Peterborough

Make your employees' working environment as pleasant as possible by enlisting the help of our Commercial Air Conditioning service. This will decrease discomfort and stress, and therefore increase productivity all around the workplace.

Air Conditioning Peterborough will guide you through the air conditioning process from the initial assessment and design stages to the installation and maintenance work – we'll be offering expert assistance and advice the whole way.

Installing one of our commercial air conditioning units will mean improved working conditions for your employees, and happy employees make for greater levels of productivity. In that respect, investing in one of our commercial units will eventually pay for itself and help keep you business one step ahead of its competitors.

Commercial air conditioning requirements are split into two categories:

  • Comfort Cooling
  • Close Control

Comfort Cooling

Your employees will no longer lose concentration through discomfort in their working environment. Instead they'll be constantly refreshed by the pleasant air conditioning system that we can install for you. This will relieve them of any unnecessary stress and allow them to work at their optimum level.

Close Control

Controlling the temperature where IT equipment and other electrical devices are present is essential to helping prolong the life of the equipment and maintaining a stable working environment for all. Air Conditioning Peterborough have a specialist computer and server room air conditioning service to help manage temperature levels in these areas, including:

  • Initial design considerations
  • Load sharing
  • Power fail contingencies
  • The option of additional backup systems

Air Conditioning Peterborough only supplies air conditioners from leading manufacturers including Daikin, Fujitsu and Mitsubishi – this helps us achieve maximum results for our customers, both for commercial and domestic air conditioning installation.

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